No matter the project, Construction Source Management’s team approach ensures that every job runs smoothly.



We provide the following services:



Design + Build

Construction Source Management’s collaborative approach lends itself well to the Design/Build method. As a Design/Build team, we control the entire building process – from design and budgeting to execution of the work in the field – by engaging the project team from the start. This option helps to fast-track a project with CSM serving as the single point of contact for the owner.


Construction Management

As Construction Manager, CSM takes a team approach, engaging with the design team and owner early in the project. We collectively establish project goals and develop the program to meet the project budget and schedule. In our role as your construction manager, we engage in a meaningful dialogue with pre-qualified subcontractors to receive their input along the way. The owner will benefit from additional constructability input that explores alternative designs and methods that may prove more economical and ensures the project’s quality. 


General Contracting

As General Contractor, Construction Source Management bids a construction project that’s been fully designed. We then transmit the drawings to a select list of pre-qualified subcontractors who competitively bid the design documents. CSM selects the subcontractor teams and oversees their work to ensure they meet the project’s schedule. This process can be adversarial but CSM’s strong partnerships with subcontractors foster a strong sense of cooperation and teamwork, ensuring the job gets done on time, on budget with the highest quality.



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"I’ve worked with CSM for over 6 years on numerous projects, most recently being the Audi North Miami project, a 350,000 sq. ft. precast dealership containing 64 service bays and over 750 parking spaces. CSM completed the project on time and on budget handing it over to the client in 2017. Without CSMs team focus, commitment to problem solving, conscientious attitude, and attention to detail this would not have been possible. I will eagerly continue to work with Construction Source Management on future projects and would certainly recommend their team to future clients. "

-David K. Clear, RA, Owner, Clear Architectural Design, LLC.